Our Philosophies

Brand loyalty is at the top on most marketers’ lists. It’s also the most elusive of all attributes to keep. The neurological impact of print on paper leaves a deeper footprint and is more real to the brain. According to Neuromarketing, physical printed material causes more emotional processing in the critical right cortex of the brain which in turn creates a lasting memory. Printing, paper, design and color can differentiate your brand and make an emotional impact on your customers and prospects. Add it to your mix of marketing tools and brand loyalty will be a little easier to obtain.

Mobile Marketing
Do you know where your mobile phone is? If you are like majority of the adult population of the world, you know exactly where your phone is. Most likely, it’s in close proximity and within earshot. Mobile phones and particularly smart phones, are becoming a vital part of multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our technology can help you integrate print and mobile with more than just QR codes. Interactive print contains image recognition software, digital watermarking solutions and Augmented Reality. Videos formatted to mobile screens and launched by QR codes can tell your story better than any other medium. Get personal with interactive print.

Segmentation and One to One Marketing
Technology has provided marketers the ability to understand all the different segments of their markets. One to One marketing provides the means to vary the message and provide relevant content to each group. Add creativity to the mix and you have the power to reach people emotionally, intellectually, and provocatively.